Releasing RC2 Version


We are pleased to announce that RC2 version is now available! With more security and stability from ever.

Let’s see what have happened under the hood. Multiple major and minor fixes are made in this release. The most important change was applied to input filtering system to block almost all XSS attacks. Other fixes are consist of tweaking system performance, revising user interface, standardizing some code structures and fixing some functionality bugs.

According to changes made to input filtering system, we can now be hopeful to have a much more stable system in this release. So, this release could be the last RC release. Users are now more encouraged to use Arta in online environments with less concern.

Follow the post for more details about changes made and finding  out what do we got from Open Source world.

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Moving to RC Phase

RC Version

We are so proud and happy to say that Arta’s Beta phase is finished and first RC version is released.

Arta had 3 beta versions before moving to RC phase, and several bugs were fixed during these three versions. Fortunately, during Beta phase, no critical bugs were found. You can download Arta Version 1.0.0rc1 through Download Page now.

Let’s take a look at three important fixes and other fixed items during this period. Follow the post.

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Getting Ready for Installation

Get ready to install Arta!

You may have conjectured that what will be the contents of this post by reading the title. Yes, I’m going to show you how to get ready to install Arta.

At first, let’s take a look at system requirements. There is no any special requirement that makes you run in trouble of getting it ready and set up; Because most hosting companies have the requirements set up and working by default. By the way, I’m going to introduce them.

At first, you must run PHP version 5.0.0 or above. Also, You should have MySQL version 4.1.2 or newer.

And, these extensions:

  • Either MySQL or MySQLi
  • PCRE
  • SimpleXML
  • XML Parser
  • GD
  • cURL
  • zlib

As i said before, most hosting companies meet the requirements. So, there is no cause for concern. These requirements are checked before beginning of installation process.

Installation Step 2

Screenshot of second step of Installation process. System requirements are checked on this step.

In continue, we’ll discuss about Uploading and Installing Arta on your host.

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Project Website Started

Finally, After two weeks of research and effort to find a suitable hosting and a content management system and setting them up, project’s website started serving clients. The website is consist of several sections that will be introduced.


Arta Source code is placed on BitBucket. BitBucket is a free service which lets you create repositories to store source codes. Arta is managed by Mercurial revision control system.

The website includes these sections:

Items above will be described in post details.

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