Moving to RC Phase

RC Version

We are so proud and happy to say that Arta’s Beta phase is finished and first RC version is released.

Arta had 3 beta versions before moving to RC phase, and several bugs were fixed during these three versions. Fortunately, during Beta phase, no critical bugs were found. You can download Arta Version 1.0.0rc1 through Download Page now.

Let’s take a look at three important fixes and other fixed items during this period. Follow the post.

In the last beta, no important bugs found to fix. Actually, this was the signal that made us move Arta to RC phase and finish Beta. But, in two other betas, most fixed problems were nearly important.

Here are the three most important fixes:

First fix, was in installer where Arta tries to check directory permissions for read/write actions. The old checking method failed to pass directories that are not existing (like /tmp), and led Arta in a broken installation progress. This bug denied first users from installing Arta for the first time. Then, Beta 2 version released after just a few minutes with fixed installer.

As may you know, we use Mercurial version control system to maintain Arta source code. Because of incorrect .hgignore file syntax that I used to block /config.php file from getting committed, every file named config.php was also blocked from commit process, including /admin/packages/config/config.php, base file of configuration package. This mistake caused missing core files and led configuration package links to a 404 Not Found message.

Another bug, MySQL bug #53645, was annoying users on some servers. Data and Structure Manipulation Testing section of installer commented out because of effects of this bug. It was not so important and commenting it out would not cause any errors or bugs. So I decided to do so.

And this is the Change log up to now:
-    Fixed redirection on pages package when saving a module, because it jumps out of "package" tmpl.
-    Version Checker now tells user that latest version released is stable or not.
-    Added url_stat() method to Arta Temp stream wrapper class in ArtaLib.
-    Changed template "keywords" and "description" source to be read from a variable of ArtaTemplate instead of ArtaConfig.
-    Changed usages of ArtaConfig::$keywords and ArtaConfig::$description to ArtaTemplate.
-    Trimmed spaces from links of admin menu.
-    Beautified License Agreement box on Installer.
-    Added language selection controls on AdminCP login page.
-    Fixed a bug on User Location map finder.
-    Optimized template engine, so developers can end output buffering in the middle of a package in addition to using raw view type.
-    Fixed positioning on Admin menu on chrome browser.
-    Fixed Timeout problems of cURL usages on entire project.

-    Fixed a mistake in .hgignore which ignored two files incorrectly.
-    Fixed Urgent Updater version domain selection block.
-    Commented up DB privileges checking block because of MySQL bug #53645.

-    Fixed a problem on installer when checking for directory permissions.

-    Just designing of Arta project completed.

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