Project Website Started

Finally, After two weeks of research and effort to find a suitable hosting and a content management system and setting them up, project’s website started serving clients. The website is consist of several sections that will be introduced.


Arta Source code is placed on BitBucket. BitBucket is a free service which lets you create repositories to store source codes. Arta is managed by Mercurial revision control system.

The website includes these sections:

Items above will be described in post details.


This section contains pages about Arta introduction and downloads and were written by myself before. In these days, some changes applied to it to get it ready to be placed on the host.


Arta Forum is based on English language, although international forums are also available. It’s recommended to use English forums in order to attract more audiences.

If you are interested in moderating forums, introduce yourself in Be a volunteer section of forum. This section is not only limited to forums moderation; Even, if you want to take part in project development, you can say it! We will welcome you!


You are already reading this article just right at Arta Blog, a place to publish News, Tutorials and other Arta related articles.

Dev Center

Documentations, Guides and code examples of Arta Development will be placed here.  Developers may use these resources for free to develop Arta Core or Arta Extensions. This website will help you on coding on Arta Framework.


This section is a directory of extensions designed for Arta. You can browse extensions by category or type, get interesting items and install them on Arta. So soon, some additional features will be added; like search, usage reports and few more features which are in examination phase yet.

So far, All sections, except Exts and Dev Center are active and serving clients. I hope that this website meets your needs.

We want to hear from you! Please share your thoughts with us.

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