Screenshots of Arta

In this post, some screenshots taken from Arta will be placed. Follow the post to see all images.

Login Page

Login page of Administration Panel

Control Panel Home

Control Panel Homepage. One of top menus are open for example.

System Configuration Page

System Configuration Page. A warning tooltip is shown for example.


Usergroup Permissions. You can customize permissions for any usergroup.

Post Editing

Post Editing page


Blog Categories and subcategories, You can create unlimited sub-levels.

Modules and Permission

Modules Management page, You can specify which user groups are able (or not able) to see every module.

Content Translation

Arta has native content translation support. In this screenshot, a blog post is being translated. You can translate most contents of website. Even, some system configuration fields.

Jalali Input

Calendar asking for Jalali date format input as post’s modified date.


A pop-up window showing settings of Blog package.

Extension Manager

Extension Manager showing installed plugins.

Tips and Quicklink

1: Quicklink menu in Administration panel let’s you easily hop between pages. It can be customized. Supports keyboard shortcut keys too.
2. You may noticed light bulb appears in some pages. If you move mouse over it, will show you little instructions and help topics about current page.

Adding widget

Arta supports dynamic pages. These pages are ultimately customizable. They contain small parts called “Widgets”. In this picture, user is adding a custom widget.

Page edit

Dynamic pages editing environment.
You can reposition widgets by simply dragging them, And delete them by dropping them on the recycle bin.


User profile page. Supports User Message and Visitor messages. This page can be extended using plugins.

Media Manager

Media Manager. Allows you upload, create dirs and manage files easily.


Blog index on Site, Shows latest posts and you can filter posts by categories listed above.

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